We offer many ways to make your party the Best Time Ever! 
IN STUDIO: The Best Time Ever Party (our most popular option)
  • Includes two plaster projects OR one plaster and one wood project OR two wood projects. Over 1000 items to choose from! (this is for all ages starting at 3)
  • $400 for the first 10 guests. Over 10 guests: $30 for each additional child. 
IN STUDIO: The Even Better Time Party
  • A couple of weeks before the party, you will handpick one of your party’s crafts from a variety of fun projects (i.e., specific plaster or wood selections, ball jar lanterns, etc.) so each of your guests go home with the same type of project – uniquely designed by them, of course! (i.e. Slime, Lip Gloss, Picture Frame, Same piece of plaster, Same wooden project). (this is also great for all ages, provided the choose-your-own option is suitable for your guests).
  • $420 for the first 10 guests. Over 10 guests: $32 for each additional child.
IN STUDIO: The Best SLIME Ever Party
Includes two make-your-own Slime per guest! (we like to start this at age 6).
$420 for the first 10 guests. Over 10 guests: $32 for each additional child.
IN STUDIO: The Baubles & Bling Party
  • Make-your-own jewelry (necklace) and lip gloss for your girly girl.
  • $430 for the first 10 guests. Over 10 guests: $34 for each additional child. (We like to start this party at age 7).
Each party is 90 minutes long and the available party times are:
  • 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM (Gather, craft, break for food 11 am, craft, cake at 11:45 am)
  • 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM (Gather, craft, break for food 1:30 pm, craft, cake at 2:15 pm)
  • 3:30 PM – 5:00 PM (Gather, craft, break for food at 4 pm, craft, cake at 4:45 pm)
  • Best Time Ever parties are available for children turning age 3 and up.
  • We are happy to answer any birthday party questions and book your party via phone Monday through Thursday 10 am - 4 pm. 203.614.8511.
  • Parties are held Saturdays and Sundays and you have the studio to yourself!
  • Guests take home their creations at the end of the party.
  • We decorate and provide paper goods that tie into the theme and/or colors your child loves.
  • You can choose your party's theme by looking at those offered at Included in the price of the party.
  • We will provide paper invitations upon request.
  • Each party is 90 Minutes. Please note that parties that run over the allotted time will be charged an additional fee of $75.00 per 30 minutes.
  • We allow you to arrive 10 minutes before the start of your party as a courtesy.
  • Food and drinks are not included in our pricing. We would be happy to provide juice and/or water and order your pizza if you'd like. Cost to be added to your total party. Or feel free to bring your own.
  • We charge a 50% "no-show" fee per guest above the minimum. 
  • We do not provide balloons - we decorate with 40 paper lanterns that match your party decor. You may bring balloons as long as they are tied to weights. 
  • We allow Pull-string Pinatas only, we have too many breakables to swing a baton, sorry no exceptions. 
  • Choose your craft, we will bring everything needed to complete the project!
  • Offering: slime, plaster pieces, wooden pieces, canvas painting, and jewelry. 
  • Pricing: Price per item, ranging from $14 to $20 for each piece, times number of guests.
  • Plus $40 per hour for staff. (15-minute setup, craft 30 minutes, 15-minute clean-up). 
  • 1 staff member for parties of 6 crafters and under, 2 staff members for parties bigger than 6 crafters. 
  • We will individually prep and pack a craft of your choosing for each of your virtual guests.
  • We will drop the individually packed bags off at your home for easy delivery or pick up for your guests.
  • We will add your zoom link plus an itinerary to each bag.
  • You can add an individually wrapped cupcake for each guest (we work with local bakeries).
  • Offering: slime, plaster pieces, wooden pieces, canvas painting, cupcake decorating, and jewelry.